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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Parking wars. Have you seen that show on A&E? It is pretty rad. I HIGHLY recommend it. It is like a less intense version of Cops.

Anyways, on to what I am really writing about…. So in commemoration of the long, slightly enraging week I have had, I am going to write about the one thing that has frustrated me the most over these past few months. TERRIBLE PARKERS.


So every morning when I enter the parking lot at work I happen to stumble upon a few cars that cannot seem to park within the lines allotted to them. What is even more frustrating than that is the giant SUVs that decided to park in the clearly marked “Compact” spots. Given our parking lot out there is cramped for space. But seriously? A Nissan Armada clearly does not fit in a compact spot. Good Lord people.

I have decided to make a lovely collage of pictures I have taken of these poor parkers. Yes, I have taken the time out of my days to pull out my phone and take pictures of these clearly incompetent people.

Now as you can see, that red Pontiac Solstice is a frequent offender. And I mean FREQUENT. You drive a damn PONTIAC SOLSTICE. Do you read me?? It has the word “Pontiac” in it along with the word for the time of the year when the sun is furthest from the equator.

I just want to key their cars. Yes, dress up like a pirate and key their cars. Because pirates are the best warriors. Well, second best to ninjas. I just don’t look good as a ninja.