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LOST has ended. My life is over as we know it. I basically have stopped existing. There is no meaning to my life anymore…

We threw a LOST ending party for the epic 5 and half hour ending. 5 AND A HALF HOURS.

Complete with the DHARMA PARTY PACK!

Yes I spent $40 on a DHARMA party kit and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

That cat is super stoked for a DHARMA party

We labeled mini chocolates (well, Korey did. I won’t take credit for that.)

That takes dedication

I DHARMA-ed the shit out of everything

Yes, those are Tic-Tacs and water bottles with DHARMA labels.

DHARMA beer and friends

And DHARMA cups and friends

Those cats love DHARMA

So after plenty of tears, of which I was the ONLY one crying, I have reminisced and thought about my favorite parts of the night. And I have to say there is one that sticks out in my mind….


Yes, he freaking jumped in the air on the side of a cliff to knock the brains out of John Locke.

Great finale. Now I will go mourn its end.


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