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So this is my friend Zach:

Most of you all know him.

Well about a month ago, this happened to him:

Don’t worry, he is OKAY! He broke his femur pretty bad. Like really bad. But they put a rod in it and now he has a bionic leg. AWESOME.

Bionic leg, get it?

Well now Zach has commissioned me and my UNBELIEVABLE art skillz to create a new tattoo for him in memoriam of “the crash that almost killed him, but it didn’t and now he has a bionic leg.”

So of course I am taking this assignment verrrrrrry seriously. I have tapped into my creative prowess and created this:

Good. No, really good.

I mean, it not only commemorates this astonishing accident, but also shows Zach’s machismo. Yes, machismo. Only someone with his physical aptitude could survive an accident like that. Manly. Yes.

Here’s to wishful thinking Zach.


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