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How is that for an opening blog post? Babies.

I have been thinking a lot about babies lately. (Yikes.)

But yes, I have been thinking a lot about babies. Maybe it is because there seems to be a boom in pregnant ladies here in Nashville or it might be the children over load I experienced while in Chicago (Good Lord it seems like everyone is having babies now a days.)

Then I begin thinking about myself and babies. Gosh, I hope my sisters and brother have tolerable children.

Then I find things like this:

That baby looks like an old person. I hope it never belongs to me.

Then my brain goes on a downward spiral. And then I create a picture using this awfully ugly baby and my co-workers. And magic happens:

Then I continue to digress:

All I can say at the end of the day is that I still hope God continues to forgive me. I have ruined some people’s very nice family photos that they probably treasure. Should I be ashamed of myself? Probably. But I cannot deny that I have some mad power point skillz. (Yes, with a Z)

Welcome to my blog.


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